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Agility and process standardization with BPM

Corporate agility is a key factor in the competitive world in which companies live today. Many customers chose a company over another only because of the time of response it gives to their requests. For that reason, having fast and effective processes that work organically is an essential part for the success of any business. BPM solutions are designed for bringing agility and fastness to processes in companies. A BPMS is the perfect tool for automating all the processes and to make them work without the obstacles and difficulties in communication produced when there is not an intelligence coordinating all the activities in a systematic way.

Without information technologies, what managers used to do for organizing processes in their businesses was to ask to the different leaders of department to make reports, draw conclusions, propose solutions. From these actions, each department presented their reports in a meeting where everyone was in. This complete participation aimed to have all the people in charge to receive the same information and thus to avoid misunderstandings and disconnections in decision making. However, a meeting like this could have a length of several hours or they can end being several meetings on different days, depending on the amount of people and activities of the company and the complexity of its processes.

To this complexity you had to add that each leader offered different perspectives that could be in contradiction with each other and the general manager should assume the task of analyzing all this information and try to draw the best conclusion for the development of their business. If the reports weren’t clear, this manager had to ask to each leader in order to have clarity on the proposals and demand a fulfillment of the deadlines.

As it can be seen, this situation implied much time for making decisions, making changes, improve processes, respond to requests or to innovation approaches. This meant lost of opportunities and customers. Today, with the technological conditions we have, to continue with this rhythm is to be many steps behind the leading companies in quality and excellence. The reason is that a BPMS solution allows us to develop this very same process of coordination in an automated way, with the advantage of having the needed information in real time, and made from the previous design of the process of the company.

With BPMS companies have the potential of information technologies for making the communication to be immediate, so the cumbersome meetings are avoided. With this technology, the leaders of processes are sharing relevant information all the time for decision making through BPMS, so everyone involved can see it and work from it at any given time. This is the agility that determines the rhythm of businesses today. And as the design of the process was made previously, the deadlines are always clear and reminders are sent to the responsible people through visual systems that signals the priority of each task.

Process standardization for corporate quality

This organic coordination of activities offered by BPMS is possible because the solution is also a key factor for process standardization: to standardize means to set rules, protocols

and guidelines that are designed with clarity and have as a goal reaching the business’ goals.

As in a person’s life it is important to develop habits that allow the person to reach goals, companies need to have some practices established in order to give the managers the confidence of knowing that everything is moving towards the reach of a goal. For instance, if a person has a goal, they need to give to it energy and discover how to get there; but if they have a poor physical or mental health, and if they are tired or depressed, their energies will go to the solution of these problems and the main objective is going to get lost or pass to a second level. If the person develops the habit of getting good nutrition, good sleep, working out, those physiological processes get automated and work for themselves and their body and mind will allow the person to focus on the main goal of life.

In the same way, when a company standardize its processes it establishes some rules and protocols that can be applied to all the activities regardless of the people involved or the customers in the transaction

Standardizing processes means to have the activities to be made automatically and having everyone filled with the information on response time and the steps in every respond.

When the processes are regulated it is not necessary to give time to solve the same problems every day and the managers can give time to innovate and to look for the improvement of the company in general and having higher goals. This, of course, means for the companies more agility, competitivity and higher service quality.

BPMS are designed to bring companies all these benefits, but significantly potentialized by the use of information technologies that automate and coordinate the activities in real time. In addition, the flexibility of this technology allows the advantages of automation to be ruled by the necessary parameters. The most often required parameter is ISO, but BPMS can actually be adapted to any regulation and automate process according to regulation needs of every company. For this reason, the agility of BPMS comes always along no only with a higher customer satisfaction coming from the velocity of response, but from high quality services automated and coordinated according to the highest standards of corporate quality.

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