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Dexon BPM – All in one

Dexon BPM deals with the complete enterprise architecture: corporate strategy, organizational structure, data model, processes, and people.
With Dexon BPM you can:

  • Model your company.
  • Simulate the whole company or individual processes to optimize resources.
  • Run the automated processes.
  • Measure on-line how the strategic objectives are being accomplished.

Designed for the business user
You don’t need an expert, consultant or developer at your side. With Dexon BPM the important thing is to know about your business, not to be a technical expert.
Visual model and simulation
Using Dexon Designer you can build your company´s model using just visual tools, and when you run the simulation you can see where are the bottlenecks, resource usage, and even, the cost and time of execute each process.
Our secret sauce
With Dexon BPM the implementation of the system is fully automated, no humans needed, then, you can go from your model to a fully production system in a couple of minutes. 

Dexon’s main product is Dexon BPM: an industrial-grade SaaS BPM with fully automated implementation: no humans needed.
Dexon BPM allow our clients to focus in their business purpose and mission letting all bored and repetitive task to be automated by our software. Using Dexon BPM every job is meaningful, relevant and fun.

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