Policía Nacional de Colombia

BPM Sistema de atención al ciudadano

With DEXON BPM, the Police managed to centralize in a single point all the requests, petitions and claims of citizens coming from multiple channels. Each request was associated with an internal business process, which was automataded to execute a defined flow of activities, thus optimizing response times. Notifications and alerts were configured for the users responsible for the system in order to facilitate the control and timely follow-up of each request. DEXON BPM also integrates multiple existing information systems, configuring the extraction and delivery of data between them.


Comisión Federal de Electricidad

Administración de Activos de Tecnología

DEXON has allowed the CFE to centralize in a single point the management of all its IT infrastructure. This has led to the reduction of time and costs generated in support and maintenance work. The use of our assets remote management solution has made it easier for technology administrators to manage 80,000 workstations located in different parts of Mexico, increasing service levels and therefore the availability of their infrastructure.



Gestión Documental, integrada a los Procesos de Negocio

With DEXON, AUNAP has been able to manage the entire life cycle of the documents, from their receipt or internal creation to their final disposition. Now they control from a single interface the retention and document valuation tables, the processes associated with the mailing office and the automation of all processes for internal and external communications.


Secretaría de Educación de Bogotá

IT Asset Remote Manager y Service Desk

With DEXON, the Secretary of Education of the District has managed to optimize the administration of its IT services, the support and administration of the computers of more than 800 schools, the control of service levels agreements contracted with outsourcing providers and automation of their internal administrative processes.


Grupo Martí

Administración de Procesos y Activos de IT

With Dexon, the company now manages all its IT infrastructure, centralizes its release and update processes and automatically manages tablets and mobile devices to comply with the SOX. In addition, with Dexon IT Asset Manager, they monitor the availability and capacity of security equipment, located in each of the 281 stores and gyms nationwide.



Automatización de procesos estratégicos, procesos de negocio y procesos de apoyo

Dexon implemented a comprehensive solution for 18 processes and 53 sub-processes, which has facilitated the agency and its officials the management, monitoring and controlling of all its core processes and business data, simplifying tasks and reducing execution times. Also, within the solution was implemented the government regulations that apply to the television in Colombia.


Presidencia de Chile

Gestión del Presupuesto

Dexon BPM automated the process of planning, programming and budgetary execution, optimizing the payment to suppliers in such a way that the times were reduced from 120 to 11 days. With regard to the budget, the entity can now visualize in real time the information related to budget availability facilitating financial decision making.



Automatización del Proceso de Recursos Humanos

Dexon BPM manages and controls the processes, subprocesses and activities of the HR department that underpin the relationships between the company and its employees. The response times for employees updates have been improved, a process that previously required a lot of time and operational effort and is now resolved automatically.


Success Cases

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