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Dexon BPM, take your processes to the next level

Minimizing business inefficiencies with process automation is possible hand in hand with Dexon BPM! We optimize processes from start to finish, taking into account the behavior and business structure of each of our clients, ensuring we have measurable, scalable and efficient results that allow generating value and focus in each of the executions.

Learn about the benefits of Dexon BPM

Resource management:

Integrity, confidentiality and availability; The core of Dexon BPM allows its clients to comprehensively manage users, roles, resources and data generated in each of the processes, synchronizing each of them with management with business objectives.

Reports generation:

Generating 100% graphical and georeferenced reports, which allow visualizing and controlling the initiatives, milestones and progress of each of the users, is a solution that allows traceability of each of the managed processes, increasing productivity and the correct measurement of business indicators.

Correspondence management:

Processing the emails received and sent in an agile and effective way, is possible thanks to the data management that allows, organize, classify and alert the received correspondence, which can also be filed with a consecutive one that allows its follow-up to external and internal users.

Infrastructure control:

Discovering, monitoring, managing and following up on the computer equipment and infrastructure belonging to the company is essential in times of telework, Dexon BPM allows remote control of the equipment and generate indicators of its management.

Data analytics:

Dexon BPM includes Knowledge Management certified by Pink Elephant, as a tool that allows its users to have visualizations and analytics (correlations, patterns and trends) of business data, and thus make decisions that enhance business results. 

Dexon Designer:

Modeling and simulating processes taking into account the structure, costs, data and users of the business, in addition to generating metrics in real time, is part of the optimization process generated with Dexon BPM.

Document management:

Capturing, managing, storing, preserving and delivering documentation and content related to the company is an essential task, in which the order and safety of handling must be guaranteed, with Dexon BPM all the standards for this management are met.

Data Protection:

At Dexon we make sure to meet the quality standards required in every part of the process; incorporating encryption (Advanced Ecryption Standard) that allows us to always have safe and confidential data, in addition to certifying us with the best security standards.

Alarms and notifications:

With Dexon it is possible to establish the thresholds and requirements that require the issuance of alerts and notifications, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the tasks and indicators. 

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