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Telework and successful business model with BPM

Remote work, this is, the possibility for employees in a company to develop their activities from anywhere in the planet just needing internet connection and access to platforms and applications for getting in touch with the rest of the work team, is the reality for businesses today. However, this modality changes radically the way in which the workflow must be managed. Business Process Management is, in this sense, the most important tool for telework to become a value generator for the business.


Any company works based on an underlying structure known as business model. Daniel Schallmo defines a business model as the behavior of the company, this is, “the basic, underlying logic of a company which describes what benefits are provided to customers and partners” (Schallmo, 2013). According to this, a business model has to do with the way in which the company perform in order to give those benefits, and with the way they come back to the organization as profits (Id.). For that reason, the business model is what establishes the differential value a company has, and what gives a competitive advantage compared with other companies (Schallmo & Williams, 2018).


Business model is then what allows information, activities, communications within the company, etc., to move in a proper way. This means that the business model determines the workflow and this is what defines the kind of answer given to customers by the company.

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Telework is a variable transforming the business model, and it is necessary that companies have the resources allowing them to adapt this operation modality to a capacity of keep on managing its model in a conscious way. The problem is that, as with this new way of organization all the communication is made through digital and virtual channels, it is no longer possible to perceive physically how are the processes being developed, to know if the personnel is fulfilling schedules, to visit desks of several employees and ask them for reports, etc. Now it is necessary to have all these actions made through digital tools.

BPM and the current business model

For that reason, in order to know how is the business behaving and to confirm that the business model is actually the one defined, and that the workflow is working at the pace that customers require, it is necessary to implement informatic solutions that can coordinate actions, send information and reminders, connect activities, stablish deadlines, etc., and do it in an automatic way. Business Process Management is the solution linking together all the activities and coordinating them with the right rhythm.

For that reason, process automation is one of the main aids in the adaptation to telework:

A comprehensive process automation solution can enable you to manage change in a structured way. For example, these kinds of tools can help you ensure that policies governing working from home, essential travel, and sick leave are handled correctly and consistently through digital processes. Additionally, digital processes can keep a record of interactions between employees, keep track of progress towards goals, and ensure that team members are notified of any changes (

The whole automation process mentioned has important benefits for ensuring that the business model that managers formulated for fulfilling the customer satisfaction is maintained even in conditions of remote work. The main reason is that automation allows a continual tracking of activities, and for this reason we can guarantee that the business model is maintained in spite of changes, or that it gets adapted, but according to the needs of the organization and the managers:

Recreating your processes through workflow automation aids in effectively managing the process. It centralizes all activities associated with a process. Tracking of work progress becomes so much easier. Ensuring standardization of processes makes sure people don’t get sidetracked. Seamless review and approval should be possible. Once you have got a workable model for each process, you want to make sure it can be easily replicated. In a remote working environment, workflow automation makes all of this possible (

Among some important benefits associated with this, we can find the help given to workers for them to optimize their own time and organize it adequately. A tool for automating reminders and signals for the activity makes people to know what kind of tasks they actually have and when they have to deliver them. With this in mind, they can manage time in a proper way, for automation in BPM allows that the “workflow can include templates that can be reused for repetitive tasks, simple follow-ups, and reminders set up to manage your time better” (

It is also useful for getting a stronger team cohesion, because all the people, in an automatic way, know where is the rest of the team tasks. Thus, there are no risk of unnecessary repetitions coming from the failure of a person delivering its part of the job.

Dexon has supported several companies for giving them an aid during these transformations to remote and digital. Our Dexon BPM solution allows a fast implementation, and the tool gets adapted to all the systems working in the organization. Thus, the business model is maintained and the communication is fastened for remote work to keep on bringing the same value to the organization. For that reason, our customers have been able to respond appropriately to the challenge of lockdowns and the changes in the work modality.

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