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It is a consequence of the global informatic web, known as world wide web, which is used through Internet. It refers to all commercial transactions virtually made, without the need of a presential interaction. This has brought what many analysts describe as a complete revolution in the way in which world economies will work. From the crisis of year 2020 it is expected that e-commerce will exponentially grow and become the new established way of making businesses in the planet. This will bring deep changes in every level of society, because it will affect the means of working, relating to governments, getting education and evaluating the capabilities desired in an employee (Qin, 2009). This comes from the fact that e-commerce. Breaks the boundary of time and space, alters the trade pattern, improves the circulation of merchandize, capital and information, and makes enterprises have an edge over others as well by reducing the cost of production effectively. In short, e-commerce has enabled the traditional business to achieve greater, faster, better and more economical results (Qin, 2009). So, there is the requirement for companies to begin thinking about a transition to digital that allows them to maintain their levels of competitivity. The use of IT capable of managing communications with agility, as Business Intelligence or Business Process Management, is a key feature.

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