Public Sector

DPS: Departamento para la Prosperidad Social

Multicompany service desk, assets management.

Government entity whose objective is to formulate, adopt, coordinate and implement policies and projects to overcome poverty, social inclusion, the recovery of territories and social reintegration

Unidad de Planeación Minero Energética

Service desk, incident management

Makes the planning of the sustainable development of the sectors of Mines and Energy of Colombia, for the formulation of the policies of State and the taking of decisions in benefit of the Country, by means of the processing and analysis of information.


Service desk, assets management

Offers integral banking solutions for the modernization of companies in the commerce, industry and tourism sectors, with an emphasis on SMBs

CHEC: Central Hidroeléctrica de Caldas

Service desk, assets management

Electricity generation and distribution in more than 40 municipalities in the departments of Caldas and Risaralda

DANE: Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística

Service desk, assets management

It is the entity responsible for planning, surveying, processing, analyzing and disseminating the official statistics of Colombia.

Secretaria de Educación de Bogotá

Multicompany service desk, 8 ITIL process, Administrative sevices

It is the guiding entity of pre-school, basic (primary and secondary) and media education in Bogotá.

Centrosur (Ecuador)

Service desk, assets management

Distributor and marketer of electricity based in the municipality of Cuenca, Ecuador.

CFE: Comisión Federal de Electricidad (México)

Multicompany service desk, 8 ITIL process, Business processes, Business Intelligence: KPIs

It is a Mexican government owned company that generates, transmits, distributes and commercializes electric power for more than 35.4 million customers.

Fiscalía General de la Nación

Service desk, assets management

It is an entity of the judicial branch of public power with full administrative and budgetary autonomy, whose function is aimed at providing citizens with a full and effective administration of justice.

Fuerza Aérea Colombiana

Service desk, assets management

Enforces the domain of the air space and conducts air operations, for the defense of the sovereignty, independence and integrity of the national territory.

Ministerio de Transporte (Colombia)

Service desk, assets management, infrastructure management and monitoring

Guarantees the development and improvement of transportation, transit and infrastructure, in a comprehensive, competitive and safe way.

Policía Nacional de Colombia

Business processes, citizens relationship management, integration

Enforces and takes part in the definition of the policy on public safety, citizen coexistence and crime figthing.

Presidencia de Chile

Service Desk, Asset Management, BPM, and Systems integration

Assist in the exercise of the government and the internal administration of the State to the President of the Republic.

Ministerio de Minas y Energía (Colombia)

Service desk, assets management, infrastructure management and monitoring, backups

Formulates, adopts, directs and coordinates the national policy on the exploration, exploitation, transportation, refining, processing, beneficiation, transformation and distribution of hydrocarbon minerals and biofuels.

Ministerio de Salud (Colombia)

Business processes, follow-up of critical patients, Service desk

Defines the guidandes and policies for the Colombian social protection system and the social security system towards its integration and consolidation, through the application of the basic principles of universality, solidarity, quality, efficiency and equity.

UGPP: Unidad de Pensiones y Parafiscales de Colombia

Business processes, monitoring and control of outsourced services, Service desk, assets management, infrastructure management and monitoring

Monitor and control that all regulatory standards are being complied with, in terms of obligation on the part of employers to comply with the transfer of contributions to the Social Security System.

DIAN: Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales de Colombia

Business Data Managemet, BI, ETL, Systems integration

Administers and controls compliance with tax and customs obligations; monitors and controls foreign exchange operations and facilitates foreign trade operations.

Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos de Chile

Service desk, assets management, infrastructure management and monitoring

Responsible for relating the Executive to the Judicial branches of public power, to promote human rights and to execute the actions that the law and the President of the Republic entrust.

Secretaría Distrital de Desarrollo Económico de Bogotá

ITIL Service Desk

Guides and leads the formulation of economic development policies for commercial, business and tourism activities, leading to the creation or revitalization of businesses, the generation of employment and new income for citizens.


Private Sector

Aseguradora Solidaria

Service desk, assets management, infrastructure management and monitoring

Develops and markets products for risks managent and mitigation for middle income population

Banco de Bogotá

Assets management, infrastructure management and monitoring

The oldest commercial banking institution in Colombia, and currently one of the largest, operates through approximately 650 branches and five corporate service centers


ITIL Service Desk

It is a family compensation fund that grants subsidies for housing, unemployment, education, recreation, to all its members.

Financiera Comultransan

Service desk, assets management

It is a solidarity economy and cooperativism organization whose purpose is to offer its members products for the home, construction materials, health services, education and training.

Atento Colombia

Service desk, assets management

One of the largest company in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO field)

Brinks de Colombia

Service desk, assets management

Securities transport in armored cars, money processing, vaults and other value-added solutions.

David del Curto

Service desk, assets management

It is the leading company in export of fruit in Chile, has the main certifications that ensure that the projects meet the current market demands.


ITIL Service Desk, monitoring and control of outsourced services

Television, telephony, internet and cable company.


Service desk

Focused on the provision of computer services with more than 24 years of market experience.


Service desk, assets management

Leading manufactiring company of polyurethane foams for the automotive sector, and also for mattresses, pillows, footwear, thermal insulation and containment barriers.

Grupo Gilat

Assets management, CMDB, infrastructure management and monitoring

Social telecommunications program whose objective is to allow the remote areas and the lower strata to benefit from telecommunications technologies.

Liberty Seguros

Service desk, assets management

Offers a wide variety of insurance products and services for people and goods.


Service desk, assets management

Company of services of assembly and construction of productive productive infrastructure. It is positioned in sectors such as mining, pulp and paper, petrochemicals and energy.


Service desk, assets management

Develops solutions that involve the integration of information, people, processes and technology, in order to efficiently manage the information generated in different media and formats.


Service desk, assets management

Focused in designing, implementing and managing BPO solutions that include the relocation of Contact Centers, back office services and development and implementation of software for Contact Centers.


Service desk, assets

Software solutions for companies in the financial sector.

Packard Bell

Service desk

Engineering and computer solutions.


Business processes, Human Resurces Management, Systems integration

Leading company in the provision of health services.


Service desk, assets management

National television network, which offers entertainment programs, news, etc..


Business processes, Service desk, assets management, infrastructure management and monitoring

Represents and sells automobiles, trucks, buses and machinery. Represents 23 brands in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia, through 592 points of sale, service and spare parts in the Region


Business processes, Service desk, assets management

Private university hospital of high complexity that integrates various units of medical care, diagnosis, research, teaching and social assistance.


Service desk, assets management

R&D center dedicated to research, design and technological innovation in the metallurgical and electronic areas.


Service desk, assets management

Dedicated to the integration of solutions in information technology.


Service desk, assets management

Systems integrator of information technologies of the best brands, to meet the needs of customers.


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